G Spot Stimulation Techniques And Tips

Female Ejaculation Guide

By reading this comprehensive female ejaculation guide, one can find lots of information on female ejaculations and on the debates surrounding whether or not they actually exist. Female ejaculations are more commonly known as female g spot ejaculations, squirting, or gushing. This refers to a woman expelling a clear bodily liquid from the vagina as she experiences orgasm. Though this is considered a somewhat rare occurence and while some people deny that it is possible, medical science has proven that it does happen. Medical science, however, is not clear on where exactly the liquid comes from, what it is composed of, or why some women experience the female g spot ejaculation while others do not.

It is generally agreed upon that not every woman has the propensity or the capability to ejaculate upon experiencing a g-spot orgasm. Many women who experience g-spot orgasms on a regular basis do not report experiencing ejaculation. However, g-spot orgasms (not clitoral orgasms), are the only way to experience this sensation. In some cases, the discovery of the g-spot may be accidental. For others, it takes a bit of work to locate and learn how to properly stimulate the g-spot.

The G-spot is called the Grafenberg Spot and is a small, spongy shaped area of the vagina. It is most often located approximately three inches inside the front wall of the vagina and in between the vaginal opening and the urethra. While there is some debate on the existence of the actual g-spot, with many researchers claiming it is simply an extension of the clitoris or perhaps a more sensitive, but not necessarily, special area of the vagina, many women claim to have intense orgasms due to stimulation in this area. Most women report the sensation of a G-spot orgasm as being an orgasm that does not feel as though it comes from the clitoris.

Women who are interested in finding their G-spots may try reaching for the area with their fingers or with the fingers of their partner. They should search for a small, spongy spot located in approximately the area referenced above. Upon finding this spot, the woman or her partner should practice putting light pressure on the spot or on rubbing it in an effort to discover which sensations are pleasurable to her. During sexual intercourse, the male partner can try stimulating or aiming for this spot with the tip of his penis.

Some women may experience more intense orgasms through this activity, while others may not notice a difference; and a few, rare women will experience ejaculation upon orgasm. Every woman, however, is different, and a general knowledge of one’s body and the ability and opennes to explore it is the only way to find out if she is one of the women who can ejaculate. Though there is no guarantee that every woman will experience female ejaculation, following the tips in this female ejaculation guide will help on the road to discovery. | RSS | Sitemap
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